IWU Hosts Oppenheimer Discussion Panel

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Lumen Research Institute hosted an expert panel discussion titled, “J. Robert Oppenheimer: An Evolving Legacy.”  The discussion was recorded and aired on C-SPAN’s “America History TV” series, and is currently available on their website.  

President of IWU, Dr. Jon Kulaga hosted the event with Dr. Warren Rogers, Professor and Blanchard Chair of the Physics Department, served as moderator. Panel members included Kai Bird, Narayan Subramanian, and Jada Yuan. Kai Bird is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of American Prometheus and Director of the Leon Levy Center for Biography at the City University of New York. Narayan Subramanian is the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Department of Energy. Jada Yuan is a National Correspondent for The Washington Post and author of Unleashing Oppenheimer.